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No, CL is not popular because "it works. Unlike PadMapper, which was a site that actually tried to maintain a useful prod. The completely broken music publishing industry is an example of how this issue can become such a mess that the co.

Man Denies Killing Student in Bizarre Craigslist Murder With Beaumont Connection

A new site could come along with all the features I could want in a listings-site, but I would probably still use Craigslist despite all of the irritations it comes with for selling something, because the larger user-base of Craigslist means I'm more likely to get the most money off my sale. Those that disregard the provided map links are usually agency redirect spam posts.

Builders are not hiring, homeowners are deferring renovations and governments are postponing highway and bridge projects. The selection and arrangement can't be mechanical, if there are parts that are, those parts can't be copyrighted either. People uploaded their CD track listings voluntarily so we could a.

Craigslist founder donates $15 million for journalism ethics

Nothing more. As an example, a level of detail similar to this ad [craigslist. Bizarre 'ice tsunami' threatens lakefront homes. This seems to be the standard method nowadays of monetizing a site in the "information economy. Padmapper makes Craigslist useful!!! Really, asking rhetorical questions about a law you've never read just because a slashdot article mentions it, and trying to use that as an argument against IP?

Seriously, it looks like PadMapper deserved it.

For Craftsmen, Fragile Lifeline From Craigslist

According to the Labor Department, the construction industry slashed 2. The rest of the site is provided for free, because its "the right thing to do", apparently.

An error has occurred. But I guess the original com. I use Kijiji [kijiji. Now, he said, he puts an ad on Craigslist two or three times a day and is lucky to get two calls a week.

I only use it on my multicore desktop, though, not on my subnotebooks. It's been like this for years now. Notes can't be copyrighted.

Must love dogs: Is this viral SF Craigslist ad for real?

Most Popular. Not only are opportunities fewer, he said, customers are paying less. When apartment ads are filled out properly, there's a direct link to both a google map and a yahoo map for the specific ad.

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