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He then instructed his son to remain with us for any purpose that we would need. Thereafter, for a period beyond measure, there was great confu- sion in my mind, and much pain in my head and in my neck, and while I waited and longed for death to end my sufferings my wounds healed of themselves, and I became well.

Truth and justice had returned.

Was Jim Corbett an exterminator or a conservationist (or both)?

On the contrary, it was the tigress who was stalking Corbett, and he could have easily fallen a victim of the clever tigress on a number of occasions. While I was examining her wounds, a score of people, all talking at the same time, informed me that the attack on the girl had been made on comparatively open ground in full view of a number of people including the girl's husband; that alarmed at their combined shouts the tiger had left the girl and gone off in the direction of the forest; that leaving the girl for dead where she had fallen her companions had run back to the village to inform me; that subsequent- ly the girl had regained consciousness and returned to the village; that she would without doubt die of her injuries in a few minutes; and that they would then carry her back to the scene of the attack, and I could sit up over the corpse and shoot the tiger.

More than seventy years have passed since its first publication, yet the stories have not gone stale and retain their suspense and excitement, even today. Of course, today you can recognise the rock also for the metal plate that we affixed on the rock in 2012, in the naturally existing crack.

Without hesitation, asking only that all other hunters be excluded from the field while he would be hunting the dangerous big cat and that the government reward money offered for killing the animal be withdrawn, Corbett set out to find the tiger and, after a short though highly dangerous hunt, was able to bring it to bay and put it down.

They need to write an entrance exam as to get admission into the MCA course. We tried to make it possible for the Corbett followers to find these places easily if they decide to visit them. Bearing this idea in mind, I would like to propose that the appearance of the deep crack on the rock could possibly be a result of the dramatic hunting episode on November 30th, 1938. It details the experiences that Corbett had in the Kumaon region of India from the 1900s to the 1930s, while hunting man-eating tigers, one tiger, for example, was responsible for over 400 human deaths.

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I liked the story so much, that in the 1980s, when I, as a lecturer in ethnomusicology, was teaching at the Tbilisi State Conservatory, I read the whole story to my conservatory students, musicians who had nothing to do with tigers or with conservation of nature. I also acknowledged another very important point: He had been a constant visitor to my camp, and finding in me a good listener had told and retold his encounter with the man-eater so often that I could, without effort, repeat the whole story in my sleep.

This leaves you some 500 metres walk to the village and still some 200 metres towards the wooded patch to the tree where the girl was killed. This was the third victim of the tigress. Khimanand was very unfortunate because both he and his first wife suffered attacks from the Chowgarh man-eater tigress in an interval of 2 years, fatally though for his wife. Is it possible that there was any other, external factor that contributed to the ap- pearance of the crack?

During our 2014 visit the author of this chapter also climbed the rock, and we made precise measurements of the rock.