Clever status in hindi for whatsapp

80+ Clever Status for Whatsapp – Famous Clever Quotes

You might have seen people with clever thoughts and strange ideas that most of us cannot think normally, they are said to be clever. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Whatsapp status 👉Horror 🙄Movement Brother & Sister ( My World )

SamGirl Sunday -56. ME without you is like: God made rivers.

clever status in hindi for whatsapp

The most widely used modern communication tools have nowadays become the source for countless users to share any sought of funny incident — to make others laugh. I never mind what I speak. Oh so sexy. Well…we all make mistakes.

Clever Whatsapp Status

Also, there are also many types of statuses are being made and bartered among WhatsApp users worldwide. Tom William -13. You are not to old complete your dream true! Leave comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Furthermore, for making WhatsApp instant chat more candid the exchange of funny statuses is getting viral these days.

clever status in hindi for whatsapp

No one is perfect understanding is important! The status reflecting some naughty acts are said to be the clever status.

clever status in hindi for whatsapp

They can mostly be in the form of riddles. Iconic One Theme Powered by Wordpress.

Funny WhatsApp Status to Make others Laugh [Updated OCT, 2016]

God made lakes. Recent Posts.

clever status in hindi for whatsapp

It always gets laughs! Also, the popularity of the Funny WhatsApp Status is on the hike because, mostly people who do instant chatting on WhatsApp want to have a candid chat with family and friends or other people.