Eraser cube puzzle how to solve fractions

Without these concrete references, students are too often lost in a morass of abstract symbols for which they have no concrete connection or comprehension.

Love the puzzle cubes, though, as giveaways for my students' birthdays. Fraction Dice - Set of 4.

Glossary of Manipulatives

The cards are color-coded so equivalent values match e. Counting Games. Color Tile Fraction Puzzles: All Reading Comprehension. Hand Pointers. Magnetic Fraction Circles. If You Were a Fraction.

Basic Fraction Circles have six circles that show halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, eighths, and one whole. Geoboards The double-sided Geoboard is 7. As students sharpen these pencils, they see how much of the whole is left. All Storage and Organization.

How to Make the Cube Eraser Puzzle

Towers, or portions of towers, can be compared with each other. Circles are ideal for introducing students to basic fraction concepts. Each set of tangrams contains four tangram puzzles in four different colors. Fraction Dice: Audible Download Audiobooks.

Fractions & Decimals

I Have, Who Has? Equivalency - 30 Sets of 51 in Tub. They can be used to teach counting, patterning, and spatial reasoning. Double-Sided Magnetic Squares. Cubes can be used to teach a variety of different math concepts. These flexible, magnetic pizza slices make it fun to demonstrate fractions.