Gta vice city level 59 what restaurant

gta vice city level 59 what restaurant

Image74 75. Now as you turn on the way towards your hotel look up in the grass in a nook in the building on the right side.

Don't bother getting rid of wanted ratings. When the courier gets there pop a cap in her ass and grab the plates. Safe Houses. Go down a ramp into the front of it to a lower parking area.

gta vice city level 59 what restaurant

So it's best to blow up their car before they get the chance. My advice is to locate the moving vehicle a.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – FAQ/Walkthrough

Kill him, take his phone, then when Lance gives you a gun, kill the angry Chef's coming after you. Take a fast or heavy durable car like a Phoenix or a Securicar, drive through the gate, stop close to the Rhino, and get out. Acquire the package. Go to the northern destination--a car.

Vice City Secrets GTA: Vice City

Get onto it. Go around it and up the staircase of it to take the package from the top of the staircase. He goes pretty fast but he's still on the pizza boy, which shouldn't provide too much trouble for you. You save time on travel because you don't have to worry about vehicle accidents.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Walkthrough (Xbox)

An Overview 3B. After watching another crazy Diaz cutscene, You'll be in a helicopter with Lance, at the helm of a pretty nice gun ; ].

gta vice city level 59 what restaurant

Just make sure you have a fairly fast car, then find him, and run him down. Make sure you have both before you start the mission, since you only have 5: El Swanko Casa Description: Head up the small stairset, and over the wall. Spilling the Beans Reward: You'll see a hospital with a Health icon in front of it and Ice Cream Factory to the south of that. Getting 1 star can be tolerable, but accidentally running over a cop will give you 2 stars.