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Not for Beginners... Students make impressions and molds in clay and then make casts with glue. At this time I have to say that SmoothOn is a good company. It is my favorite!

By BossHogg. Easy to use and dries quickly! Most fossils are not the actual body parts of the original organisms. But those kind don't work well in molds because you can't get all the bubbles out. These molds are great for creating functional wares as well as sculptural works. Sign In or Register. I was making custom gun grips and I made several sets from this one kit. By David Lundy. Current Department. Five Different Types of Fossils.

It dries fast, very fast or within 2 minutes gets hard enough so it can't be poured. Definitely recommend! References UC Berkley: I'm honestly shocked with how well it turned out because they were moving so much! By Alumilite. She is fighting cancer and I wanted them to have her and her husband's hands clasped as a keepsake. Collins, Colorado contain the molds and casts of Cretaceous aged mollusks. The Fossils of Florissant.

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Previous page. The instructions say sets in up to 3 minutes. Ive done several molds from this package including hands, feet and a face and still have some left over to play with.

It does chip a little bit, but that could be from the abuse we bestowed upon it during the whole process. It is not "poured" it is a solid product.