How atex applies to conduit

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how atex applies to conduit

It is only in areas in which mechanical damage is likely that they are laid in conduits, which are open at both ends. Type of contact Contact me.

how atex applies to conduit

However, there are specific spacing requirements between IS circuits and those not instrinsically safe. Chemical Resistance Table. Type of contact Contact me. It is a factory assembly of one or more conductors insulated with a highly compressed refractory mineral insulation enclosed in a liquidtight and gastight continuous copper or alloy steel sheath.

The permission provided in several of the special occupancies required that rigid PVC conduit be installed below a minimum of 600 mm 24 in. Chemical Resistance Table.

how atex applies to conduit

Should the circuit have a safety function that would be lost if the circuit were damaged, then the wiring method would become very important. Stainless steel AISI-316 fitting, consisting of 4 parts female body, swivel nut, barrier container and male body.

Since Class I, Division 1 locations are expected to include ignitible concentrations of flammable gases, flammable liquid-produced vapors, or combustible liquid-produced vapors under normal operating conditions, the wiring requirements are more restrictive see photo 1. Assembly Instructions for Unarmoured Cable Gland.

The range are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards to guarantee product quality, reliability and performance.


In addition, it does not come with a temperature classification and can therefore be used with all temperature classes. Cookies helps us developing ATEXdb, and to increase your user experience.

how atex applies to conduit

Assembly Instructions for Armoured Cable Gland. We provide all common types and solutions, for loose wires and both unarmoured and armoured cables. Stainless steel AISI-316 fitting, consisting of 6 parts female body, double pressure ring, sealing rubber, filling tube and male body. Physical installation of the cable must be done in a manner to prevent tensile stress on these terminations see figure 4 and photo 2. Zip code.

BNC-316, NPT, IECEx-ATEX cable-adapter, stainless steel, EPDM and epoxy seal (-40 °C till +100 °C)

Identification labels must be located to be readily visible and traceable for the entire length of the wiring, except for any underground portions, which are re-identified as they emerge from the earth.

A look at production lines from a new angle. The control drawing is required for proper installation of these systems and is also necessary for making an inspection see the annex for an example of a typical intrinsically safe system control drawing.