How our actions affect others

So every time you hold the door open for someone as you leave class, you are demonstrating your ability to be a leader at JMU.

The Ripple Effect, How Our Actions Affect Others

This is all too common. We are all the same, underneath the outer layers we all have feelings, emotions. You may not realize it, but you are extremely influential to those around you.

how our actions affect others

With all that being said, you can properly avoid a hangover if you are being a responsible drinker. It would make it stronger if you added a small section with your thoughts on the video or explaining it even further.

Think Sheet: How did my actions affect others?

I'm one hundred percent positive that the people who hurt me may not even remember my name, and surely do not recall anything they did that has had a lasting impact on my life. Each time you interact with someone you have the opportunity to influence the way a person thinks, feels, or acts.

how our actions affect others

Welcome new, meaningful ideas to your inbox. The same as she will never know how I remember her shouting and name calling rings in my mind. Haley Coursen December 1, 2015 7: Product Rating.

how our actions affect others

You may also like. After a great deal of time being constantly insulted, harassed, and teased, every little action hurt. Imagine if every word you spoke to a person was printed across his or her body. Lives are interlaced in millions of different ways, and there is no way to escape the influence one has on others.

You're always laughing.

how our actions affect others

After the first few weeks of school at James Madison University, I began to feel a little homesick and I had some thoughts about possibly transferring to a school closer to my friends and family.

These skills include the ability to: I apologized and instead talked with her as a friend would.

how our actions affect others