How to become a better ball handler

Practicing these moves will allow you to execute them during game play without even thinking of them.

9 Types of Drills to Make You a Better Ball Handler

Can you pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time? Getting completely comfortable with these kinds of pressure situations is the best thing to do to ensure your confidence in-game. A crossover or between the legs dribble may work but you are risking placing the ball in a place where it's easier for the defense to steal. Get 3 Free eBooks Now!

how to become a better ball handler

My kids were them for the entire practice, it's helping them to keep their heads up at all times! Hope that helps!

Becoming A Better Ball Handler

This will condition you to display the same type of force and control in your handles when you step in real game situations. If, at all possible, change this.

how to become a better ball handler

Behind the Back Dribble Cross the ball continuously in behind your body. Free eBooks. Photo credit: One of our favorite series of ballhandling drills that helps develop better ballhandlers is the Maravich series! Cross the ball between your legs and jump to switch the positioning of your feet so you can immediately cross the ball back to the other side. Coaching Resources. Madi says: Learning how to become a better ball handler earlier on will help to develop the finesse needed to carry the ball smoothly and acquire not just shooting opportunities, but also in providing assistance to other open teammates.

How To Become A Great Ball Handler with Coach KP Potts

As I mentioned earlier, the longer the ball is in your hand — the harder it is to steal. So whether you're a post player or a point guard, it's important to be able to dribble the basketball, at least a little bit.

how to become a better ball handler

Some ball handling drills work on specific moves, while others simply improve your hands, touch and feel for the ball. Dude thats a carry. I'm good at ball handling but this has helped me a little more.