How to draw bolt in creo

Create a new assembly file with the name Bolt and Nut. As soon as you paste the sketch the move tool will activate. Applied dimension will be highlighted.

Keep a land on the thread as shown below. Activate the Sketcher Palette and place the 6-Sided Hexagonal shape in the sketch.

how to draw bolt in creo

Finish the sketch and activate the Extrude Tool. Fill the extrusion depth value and execute the command. All times are GMT.

how to draw bolt in creo

This will display names of dimension in place of values. Activate the Extrude tool and select the sketch profile.

Draw a sketch over Right Datum plane. Select the sketch, then enter the depth value of extrude and execute the command. Create an axis parallel to the X axis of coordinate system. Now paste the thread profile that was copied earlier and which is still in the Windows Clipboard.

Subscribe to: Click green check mark to complete the placement of part.

how to draw bolt in creo

Add more constraints and lock the dimensions. Now define the Sweep profile for the Helical Sweep. Creo , Creo 2.

Tutorial - Modeling Bolt in Creo Elements aka Pro/E?

Activate the Helical Sweep tool. In this tutorial we will create Bolt and Nut by utilizing part modelling and assembly modelling capabilities of Creo Parametric 2.

Add a new dimension on this Hexagon by delegating the conflicting sd1 dimension. Apply the dimensions and exit the sketch.

how to draw bolt in creo

Turn on its visibility by placing a checkmark in the show annotation dialogue box. Change the selection type to All.

how to draw bolt in creo