How to grow seed in minecraft pe

Craft a hoe, and use it on plain or grass-covered dirt.

How do you plant seed on minecraft pocket edition?..

Learn more. Take the bone meal and right click your crop. Obtain in the wild, next to rivers. Farmland is usually flatter than most of your Minecraft projects. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Less efficient but more attractive: Plant on soul sand.

how to grow seed in minecraft pe

Not Helpful 4 Helpful 10. Wheat grows much faster when watered, and other crops require it to grow at all.

how to grow seed in minecraft pe

These provide new crop varieties for you to plant. Warnings Do not harvest the crops with anything other than your fists, or you may destroy them.

Popular Games Grand Theft Auto: Edit Related wikiHows. Here's how to find them all: Sugar cane: How do you get a world back in minecraft?!?!??!? Pocket Edition Question Guidelines. How to use a crafting table in creative mode when pla.. Find pumpkins growing in plains, savannah or taiga biomes.

How to Farm in Minecraft

You should now have your water bucket. When I try to harvest the beetroot, all it does is either give me nothing or give me the seeds. Your Account. Cover the water.

how to grow seed in minecraft pe

Plant the potatoes or carrots by right clicking while holding the vegetable of choice.