How to light artwork for photography

How to Professionally Photograph Your Artwork For Less Than $300

Sleep be damned. I've never done this photograph artwork professionally , but I wonder if a macro lens like a 105 might not work just as well or better for this purpose and save some money. Many of our proficient artists are usually officially plus characteristically taught, plus, because of that, you can easlily deal with virtually any asks efficiently.

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how to light artwork for photography

Natural light can be a beautiful way to photograph your work as long as it is indirect. So virtual service i like this very much. The more of these you can do at the same time, the better:. Thanks for the entire information you have given here to impart knowledge amongst us?

Good luck! Matt, thank you so much for this information. It is very important to use a standard light source to check the color difference in night duty.

how to light artwork for photography

Thanks so much for this. Digital zoom just crops the image and then enlarges the cropped area digitally. To remedy this issue if it occurs , reduce the angle between the light source and the wall move the flash and umbrella closer to the wall and keep the light source pointing straight at the artwork.

Clear cookies. It is not always possible to get it perfect, and with Photoshop, it is quite easy to correct perspective.

how to light artwork for photography

Buying the non-IS version of this lens will cut the price of the lens in half and still deliver the same results for tripod mounted shooting. Your site is very informative and I was just googling this evening.

To show off the texture, it may be beneficial to have the light source stronger on one side than the other, to create some slight shadows.

how to light artwork for photography

Take care best home security system Reply. So far my shots have come out with intense glare. However, just like painting, everyone has their own way of doing things. Note that there is no glare or reflection in the glass.

4 Steps to Photographing Your Art Like a Professional

Another aspect you'll want to control is sharpening. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your website and reading about how to take perfect photos of your artwork Cheers Isabel McIvor IsabelMcIvor-Kimber is my artist name.

How to photograph your art

John VanHouten on September 25, 2013 at 4: Since artists are required to submit work digitally for exhibitions, grants, talks and your public profile page, good photography offers the first impression of your art and your professionalism.

Great tips -- thanks a lot!

how to light artwork for photography

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