How to replace lcd galaxy s3

Select a Language: Unlike its predecessor, the SIII has more distinctly rounded contours.

how to replace lcd galaxy s3

Ever Blooming Mechanical Tulip. Front Panel Assembly. I should also note that I changed carriers, so I can't guarantee that it'll start right up with the same service you had before. First pic is of the connector on the bottom left.

Cheap, Quick and Easy LCD Replacement for Samsung Galaxy S3

My phone had a bad screen and good ESN. There are a lot of small tines in the connectors and the flat screwdriver could bend them easily. There are 4 connectors and one for a white wire.

how to Remove lcd from frame galaxy s3

Pop the back off the phone either one, but just to prevent mixing parts probably best to do one at a time. Help Translate iFixit. It does still work on my WiFi, and what little info I could find said it has the same ESN attached to the board and should work fine.

how to replace lcd galaxy s3

Hope it helps! Multicolour LED Icosahedron.

Samsung Galaxy S III Repair

Phillips 00 Screwdriver. After you do the same stuff to the second phone, keeping the parts separated, begin the reversing process to assemble. View Statistics: It is also available on Amazon Wireless. Rear Case.

how to replace lcd galaxy s3

You have to gently pry the connectors off the motherboard. Plastic Cards.

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Set the motherboard back into place, making sure the camera is placed properly and other buttons are set. Rear-Facing Camera. Second pic is of the 3 connectors top left.

how to replace lcd galaxy s3

Additional Information. All together this took about 30 minutes. Samsung claims that the phone is "inspired by nature" and, at the time of release, it was one of the most potent Android phone on the market.