How to size shin guards baseball gloves

Menu 0. Not Easily Removable: Field Maintenance Fielding Protective. These wings are usually lightweight and will move with you when you're throwing. The way to find your hat size is to measure around your head, right above the ears with a fabric tape measure.

how to size shin guards baseball gloves

It can be attached by Velcro, snaps, clips, or just a shoe string in some cases. Have the person take a deep breath when reading the measurement. Leg guards have come a long way in the last few years.

how to size shin guards baseball gloves

When the gear is too big, it moves around and can expose the catcher to injury. Also if it is too bulky it can slow down the catcher when making plays or throwing.

how to size shin guards baseball gloves

Buying Guide. The switch is simple since groin protectors are easy to remove. There are many vital areas chest protectors can shield, including the collarbones and ribs, and they may even prevent possible cardiac injuries.

The bigger pads are also bulkier and slow the catcher down when making running plays or throwing down to bases. Catcher's Equipment Buying Guide The catcher position in baseball and softball is said to be one of the most demanding and difficult positions to play in the game.

It is important to take the measurement with light clothing on, a sweatshirt or jacket will cause an inaccurate measurement.

Catcher's Equipment Buying Guide

For the most part, it is based on hat size and every product has their size range. To combat this, think about buying knee savers. They may not be as easy to pull off quickly and can hinder your periphery vision.

As such, a youth player may need to wear a junior chest protector, junior leg guards and an adult helmet if they have a large head.

how to size shin guards baseball gloves

As players get older, they are encouraged to wear a cup. One of the most intense aspects of being a catcher is the potential for an injury to the chest region.

The Basics of Choosing Baseball Catcher’s Gear

Pros Cost: Cart 0. As a rule, the more expensive gear provides excellent protection while being lighter and more comfortable due to the usage of more advanced, energy absorbing materials. Once you've decided on which type of catcher's mask you want, you need to determine the proper size.

Each manufacturer has a different method of sizing, but for the most part, there are two sizes; youth and adult.

how to size shin guards baseball gloves