How to teach the r&e reading strategy

how to teach the r&e reading strategy

Understanding point of view in a story can be challenging for beginning readers. Initial descriptive analyses show that across all EGRA subtasks, we observe a consistent pattern of EGRA performance gaps between the two groups in favor of the treatment group at baseline that gets larger by endline, the latter being the intended effect of the intervention.

Furthermore, these concepts or skills can be clearly defined, taught as discrete components, and assessed to determine mastery.

how to teach the r&e reading strategy

Key finding 3: Setting expectations for what reading really looks like can help lay the groundwork for comprehension, as illustrated in this reading anchor chart. The average effect sizes for all subtasks except reading comprehension are large in magnitude for a 3-month intervention and range between. A brief writing activity, requiring students to apply the strategy, could also be helpful. Those who hope that comprehension is the result look to fill developing readers with the concepts needed to be learned, such as phonological phonemic awareness; the alphabetic principle; reading from left to right; understanding punctuation; and spacing.

Technology has become such an integral part of all of our lives, that it would seem like a disadvantage not to use it as a reading strategy in the classroom. Another great way to teach theme.

Making Inferences. Character Journey.

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Many factors go into the development of reading comprehension, including building an extensive vocabulary, asking questions, making connections, and using visualization. This means that relative to the control group, students whose teachers implemented with high fidelity scored 6. Latest Posts. To fit all that in, time management is also of the essence, right down to classroom transition time. Teachers assess students on those objectives at the end of the week.

how to teach the r&e reading strategy

Building Fluency. This will give your students time to think about what they will focus on during their time with you and how it will help them become better readers.

5 Effective Teaching Strategies for Reading

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