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Now, a 12V switch is a simple design. The front stoneguard design is very practical, and allows you to access the spare wheel very easily. Outside in the car park, a band and a free sausage sizzle were attractive sideshows.

If the wiring threads through the chassis or any hard-to-reach places, try taping some string to the end of the wire before you pull it through. Place the recovery vehicle as close as possible to the work.

Glossary Page 95. Operation Page 40 5-376-000094 REV. Inspect and replace a. Safety Page 31 122. Brian Sheedy, who wrote a book entitled Discovering Mallee Country, reckons the lake got its name from the practice of setting off a flare from the camp to advise the railway workers that it was time for a smoko!

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There are still those that visit Dargo with the lure of finding that elusive nugget; however, its primary attraction is the natural riches of the surrounding mountains, streams and wildlife. Geez, talk about the whole kit and caboodle, eh? Glossary Page 93. Without even unhooking the camper, they backed down, and as they came down the slope, out came the TJM recovery kit.