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Express , Kavi Guru Express. In 1951 the systems were nationalised as one unit, the Indian Railways, IR operates both long distance and suburban rail systems on a multi-gauge network of broad, metre and narrow gauges.

Howrah Azimganj Kavi Guru Express

It was introduced into India by the Mughals and widely used since then and its meaning varied, referring to a region that encompassed northern India and Pakistan or India in its entirety 6. West Bengal is also distinct from most other Indian states in its appreciation and practice of playing football besides cricket.

The three-tier class structure was abolished on most European railways in the 1950s in favor of a two-tier structure, trains in Great Britain provide a two-tier class structure, with the higher tier called first class 12. The most common types of train are express or mail trains, which have an average speed of 50. The temple city of Bishnupur is home to several architecturally significant terracotta Hindu temples.

The name India is derived from Indus, which originates from the Old Persian word Hindu, the latter term stems from the Sanskrit word Sindhu, which was the historical local appellation for the Indus River.

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The level of service on trains in the 1920s and 1930s rivaled that of high-end restaurants. The word might have derived from the ancient kingdom of Vanga. Today, a number of tourist-oriented railroads offer dinner excursions to capitalize on the fascination with the dining car experience.

On 1 October 2002 a new zone, the East Central Railway, headquarters at Hajipur, was carved out by separating the Eastern Railways Danapur, Dhanbad and Mughalsarai divisions from it 11. A British engineer, Robert Maitland Brereton, was responsible for the expansion of the railways from 1857 onwards, the Allahabad-Jabalpur branch line of the East Indian Railway had been opened in June 1867. The term contrasts with fixed stock, which is a term for the track, signals, stations, other buildings, electric wires.

Howrah Junction railway station — Howrah Junction railway station is the largest railway complex in India with maximum number of platforms in the entire railway system of India,23 platforms. Eventually, all save for the sole Limited Express offered only second class service. Uttar Pradesh Railway Map.

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The Howrah—Delhi main line is a railway line connecting Delhi and Kolkata cutting across northern India. Express trains make only a number of stops, instead of stopping locally. The ancient Greeks referred to the Indians as Indoi, which translates as The people of the Indus, the geographical term Bharat, which is recognised by the Constitution of India as an official name for the country, is used by many Indian languages in its variations.