Knitting information tips and how tos

And very easy to knit. I want to make sure you get started knitting as quickly and as simply as possible so you'll discover how much fun knitting can be. At first glance, knitting instructions can look intimidating. Practice knitting those for awhile and then you can simply move on to the other knitting lessons as you develop your knitting skills.

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knitting information tips and how tos

You've picked a great place to start. The possibilities are endless, and we have step-by-step instructions to guide you through each technique, so cast on and take your knitting to the next level.

Besides learning to knit, you'll find other helpful resources as well such as knitting tips and even tips for beginners.

knitting information tips and how tos

Don't take it too seriously. For beginning knitters it can be quite overwhelming, I still get overwhelmed, haha.

4 Tips for Writing Professional Knitting Patterns

Have you just started knitting or crocheting and want some great beginner tips? The marina knit cowl pattern is an easy fun to knit pattern using textured knitting stitches and it's a great quick knit project to get you started on the Fall knitting season.

Take your time and just have fun knitting. It is Copyscape protected.

knitting information tips and how tos

It's call Moss stitch. Have fun knitting, try new things and don't be afraid to experiment.

knitting information tips and how tos

They seem to be written in a completely different language from the one you're used to and contain all sorts of new concepts and abbreviations that you're not familiar with. That's why I built this site, to help you sift through it all and build a good, solid understanding so you can become a fabulous knitter.


This will not affect the purchase price and you will not pay more when you buy through my link. It will help you get started and show you what you need to start knitting, including how to choose your yarn and needles plus much more like reading yarn labels and holding your needles and yarn. Powered by Solo Build It! About Me. That's what Simple-Knitting is all about, learning how to knit and understanding the knitting basics too.

knitting information tips and how tos

My knitting instructions page provides you with links to all the knitting how to's. You'll find lots of help for beginning knitters on my beginning knitting page.

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