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He is truly using you both as an instrument of His peace. Your words are uplifting to us as well.

You share and demonstrate all of the characteristics of the captain and are leading through your courage. And THAT you can count on!! I also gleaned from your post that you guys go to the Cove Church. I have found that everything seems to fall into place and work out beneficially if I yield to him. You probablly know he is sequestered on a jury in another city. Please let me know if there is any way I can help out.

We pray for all about to undergo surgery. Just awesome to know that at every second He is with us knowing every need and hearts desire. The Great Physician is always in charge of the situation. Praise Him for a good day!

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Hope this weekend you, Misty and your parents were able to take in the massive amount of love, prayer, support and admiration that has been filling your lives. Larissa Green larissagreen1 yahoo. What an inspiring person he was!! I do my best to respond to those promptings, and to lift you up to Him. You amaze me. I recently had a root canal go bad, but you are so right — there are much, much bigger things to worry about!!!!! You and your family are in my prayers!! I've got a part-time job http: You guys have a great weekend!