Ninjas vs pirates who wins big

Ninjas woop pirates ass.

Pirates vs. Ninjas: Which Side Are You On?

What how are so many in favor of filthy pirates. Ninja Support Dispute Clarify jasonkroon 24 9 points i like pirates coz they're awesome im also male seeking mature female mature femalemust have pirate fetish 8 years ago Side: Ninja Support Dispute Clarify animedude639 1578 0 points Well I love them both but when I saw best warrior Its a show by the way and they are huge experts they know who wins and who doesnt lets look at thier stats: Again, the healthy diet, daily exercise, and abstinence from smoking, drugs, and alcohol keep ninjas in peak physical condition.

Too bad you can't make a valid and well-thought-out argument without resorting to weak and juvenile insults.

ninjas vs pirates who wins big

Talk like a pirate day, Dress like a pirate day. Pirate Side Score: You might see a pirate having all the girls and fun, but when will you just plain SEE a ninja?

ninjas vs pirates who wins big

Best Work Environment: Samurais were the soldiers back then. Ninjas do not wear spandex and pirates do not breakdance!

An unbiased analysis of pirates versus ninjas

Pirates have guns, ninjas don't. Also that would scare the ninjas. What is average global temperature?

ninjas vs pirates who wins big

Ninja's have better weapons while pirates have damaged swords and hooks 4. Next time, do some research before you argue: The Ming Dynasty was a very busy time for Chinese pirates, with much history and lore being written about them.

What are you even doing on this site? Ninjas wear slippers, pirates wear boots. Pirate Support Dispute Clarify animedude639 1578 Disputed -1 points what! Ninja Support Dispute Clarify jeremyfergus 208 2 points ninja's deffinately, i mean on adverage, there are 4 ninja in every room 8 years ago Side: Ninjas eat loads of fruit and vegetables and are all disease free.

Pirates vs. Ninjas

Add New Argument. Ninjas don't have magical powers or superhuman abilities.

ninjas vs pirates who wins big

Everytime I touch a nerve, you lash out in weak, childish insults and nonsensical drivel. Because of this, they are also smarter because they are more technologically advanced. You ever seen a pirate whup ass on a ninja? Showing 1 through 3 records. No matter what ninja nerds say or do Pirates always come out on top.

ninjas vs pirates who wins big