Vanos rattle when warm weather

What are hydraulic valve lifter's?? Oct 2014 Location: All rights reserved. Here's a couple of examples of noisy Vanos on Youtube plenty to choose from http: SA, TX Posts: Is this the same thing?

Vanos rattle when warm

Goes away in 3-5 minutes after that the engine is quiet and smooth. Browse cars for sale. Any thoughts?

vanos rattle when warm weather

I can only imagine what my neighbors thought if they were watching me in my driveway this morning! Don't know what else it would be.

vanos rattle when warm weather

I have them at home though so might post later Dave. Engine mounts are fine just in case. Water pump is my guess.

vanos rattle when warm weather

Had it replaced a couple of months back and haven't heard the squeal since then. Check it out before continuing to drive it.

M54 Vanos Rattle BMW

Xoutpost is currently undergoing a planned server migration.... Luckily they said due to the past problem they would replace the water pump and one pulley under warranty. If a tensioner has failed on the chain between the exhaust and intake camshafts you'd also be able to hear it.

Getting rather sick of this car now! If it was a bearing the noise wouldn't go away. Either the dealer changed the tension and it came right back, or it was too warm the day they had it and they could not fix it. Forum

Abarth 124 Rally Tribute announced. Western Australia Posts: Sounds interesting, do you know what the original one is?

vanos rattle when warm weather

Blax 02-27-2005, 03: Noisy bearings could be the problem - it was on my M52TU-engined E46.