What does pda acronym mean

Contains hugging , kissing, holding hands , etc...

Access Denied

Public Displays of Affection Basically any physical hugging,kissing, holding hands , groping ,etc interactions except for sex of any kind in public, most of the time around sad single people that don't wanna see that shit. Campsite rule 23. Public Display of Affection.

what does pda acronym mean

PBW 16. Nash Grier 15. PDA college. Caute 20. Pretty Damn Accurate.

You guys have only been dating for like two days. Japanese Rain Goggles 30.

what does pda acronym mean

These are not allowed at school. Cory and Tonya: The Simba 29.

PDA's unknown. HGM 13. You gotta be PDA with that gun... Jen and Craig's PDAs at the table were so intense that there was actually slobber on the green bean casserole. Also, a handheld computer of sorts. A unknown.

PDA Acronym

PDA unknown. The Nice 27. Look at my new PDA! MingeBag 22. Personal Digital Assistant 3.

what does pda acronym mean