What does the eu commission document

Contact the EU. Competition Enterprise Single market Trade.

what does the eu commission document

Jean-Claude Juncker Year established: European Council. At first-ever summit, European and Arab state leaders confront stark cultural differences and pledge to strengthen ties. Gender institute wrongly paid temporary workers less than permanent staff, judgment says.

Filmmaker uses expletives to refer to the president and blames him for an uptick in racial tensions. The two-day event was an opportunity to learn about careers and university programs revolving around the EU, as well as to network and make friends.

what does the eu commission document

European Parliament. Regional policy. Represents the EU internationally Speaks on behalf of all EU countries in international bodies, in particular in areas of trade policy and humanitarian aid.

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Audiovisual and media Culture Education, training and youth Multilingualism. Get involved in European policy making. You can also report inappropriate material if you see it. A short, well-formulated message also gives public officials fewer reasons to reject your request on the grounds that it is too vague or not clear.

EU treaties.


If you are a journalist, NGO, or other person who wants to keep the answer private until you have written your story or for other reasons, please get in contact with us.

Office number 10-19 hrs CET: Budget Economic and monetary affairs Fraud prevention. For detailed information about how to make a request, file an appeal, or any other details about the right of access to information, please download our guide large PDF document. Login Register.

what does the eu commission document

Institutional affairs. Contact the web team.

what does the eu commission document

With no agreement by March 2019, or if an agreement is not ratified by the U. Page Contents.

Did the EU Commission 'secretly' publish a 'no-deal' Brexit plan?

The European Commission is the EU's politically independent executive arm. Strategic planning The President defines the policy direction for the Commission, which enables the Commissioners together to decide strategic objectives, and produce the annual work programme. Regional policy. The Access Info Europe team are happy to help you with any part of your request, whether you need help identifying the right body, drafting the request, or sending the appeal.