What is a hot wheels treasure hunt

what is a hot wheels treasure hunt

It was on cars from 1968 through 1972, but its use was stopped due to the health concerns of lead paint. Upon arriving home I combed through the various Hot Wheel collector sites for information on Treasure Hunts.

what is a hot wheels treasure hunt

If a graphic has three colors, three plates must be etched and each image must be stamped onto a vehicle. Thank you for posting about the stolen content. As of 2003, these limited edition sets have been available to Red Line Club members.

what is a hot wheels treasure hunt

A few hours after opening can also prove fruitful if employees have to pull stock before taking it to the floor. How many of each Treasure Hunt is produced? Yet, the card does NOT have the gold flame stamp.

what is a hot wheels treasure hunt

The super is on the right. The best time varies from store to store. They are likely the most sought after of modern Hot Wheels. In more recent years, T-hunts had some new developments.

2019 Super Treasure Hunts

There are currently 15 releases a year and each release is designated by a new case letter i. View boxed sets.

How to identify Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt and Super Treasure Hunt Cars and how to find them

An image is etched onto a plate. Like Loading... View vehicles with Spectraflame paint.

How to Identify

Please let me know in the comments or via Jeff [at] liveandletdiecast. Treasure Hunts were a huge hit. In 1995, 10,000 of each vehicle was made.