What is duet plated dinner

what is duet plated dinner

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what is duet plated dinner

Just when you thought you had decided on plated vs buffet for your wedding meal, you have one other decision to make - duet entree or choice? However, if guests don't like one or other they are stuck with a smaller portion of the one they do eat. Etiquette and Advice.

what is duet plated dinner

The other reason we jokingly came up with is, if they ruin one, people can eat the other for example dry chicken or fishy fish. I prefer single plated meals. But come on people, how many of us keep our place cards handy once we know what table we are to be seated at and much less, in view of the attendants serving dinner?

Plated Meal - Duet Entree or Choice?

I did some research, but I've never been to a wedding with a dual plated entree. With the dual option, you may have someone who doesn't eat one of the things on the plate so it is a waste.

what is duet plated dinner

I would do single plate but offer two entrees that they can choose from ahead of time so you'd tell caterer 100 beef and 50 chicken or stick with buffet. May 2012 My venue does a duet as well. Master August 2017.

Plated Wedding Dinner | Duo Plate vs. Selected Entrees

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what is duet plated dinner

For example, the beauty of a duo plate is that the guests get the option right at their fingertips beef with fish or beef with chicken, just to name a few. I probably would only like one of the options on my plate, so would end up eating half of the amount of food.

Single vs Dual Plated Entree?

Member 2142 posts. My caterer wants to know if we'd like a single or a dual plated entree. We were so hungry by the time the dancing really started that we left early, went home and had a snack. VIP August 2016. Knubbsy-Wubbsy 7 years ago Wedding: