What to wear under gi pants

Additional items. Most shorts also feature a stretchy crotch area which allows for greater movement when rolling.

what to wear under gi pants

No GI Shorts BJJ shorts sometimes known as grappling shorts are designed specifically for No GI BJJ and most will be made from a lightweight durable material that will stand up to the rough and tumble or being grappled with and gripped. A doctors note is required.

Patches on the gi are OK. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. It can also be used for both offensive and defensive techniques.

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Gi Requirements. The reason that you need either of these items should be self-explanatory.

what to wear under gi pants

No, create an account now. Accept Learn More... And the second and most important reason is that it limits the chances of mat born diseases like ring worm and staph.

what to wear under gi pants

Fight Shorts are designed for the movements and technique of BJJ. Wrestling Singlets are NOT permitted to be worn. Please make sure all pants have a drawstring and or another way to keep them secured at your waist during the match.

Some people will also wear a rashguard under their GI top but this is optional at most clubs.

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On the other end there is usually a black bar red bar on black belts where you put your stripes that indicate progress between belt levels. Groin protectors come either with a supporter or jock strap or the cup standalone. The friction on your ear can cause the skin to separate from the cartilage. When practicing Jiu Jitsu, you will put strain on your knees. BJJ in the GI.

what to wear under gi pants

No-Gi Requirements NoGi: Although cauliflower ear is considered a status symbol amongst veteran fighters and Jiu Jitsu masters, it may not be for the average BJJ practitioner. There is no grey area here.

what to wear under gi pants

It also can be used to push into someone's back once you take their back. Not so good if you end up upside down.


First, they are made with moisture wicking material. A rash-guard or snug-fitting t-shirt is allowed under your gi, but it is not required. You roll around on the mat so the last thing you want is someone else walking on itin their shoes.