Where are the last gargathon horns

As part of the story, the player must gather 10 Gargathon Horns and trade them to the Smuggler for a pair of Hover Boots. Log In Sign Up. Sir Will. Don't have an account? I left the planet and did the arena to get the treasure mapper then came back.

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I had the same problem I just looked around the map again and again and it was a missing gargathon. Keep me logged in on this device. I looked again and again and found nothing where I needed 6 more horns. There suddenly was 1 Gargathon. Tales of Xillia Playing next: Your counter is at 33? Castlevania Harmony of Despair Site for guides and meeting up with friends http: Into the Nexus Gargathon Horns glitch.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong. In Challenge Mode, the Smuggler also throws in 4000 bolts.

Gargathon horn

Reedeemer Reedeemer 5 years ago 6 Ran through this area in like 20mins, I was missing 1 and thought it was gonna be a pain in the butt, but I had just missed one of the isles in the area through the waterfall. Into the Nexus I need 33 gargathon horns to get the 6th key.

Did you find the gargathon that is on the far right once you enter the section of the map where the parrot is hiding? Baseballtitan Baseballtitan Topic Creator 5 years ago 3 Yeah I have the treasure map, and it shows literally 0 horns left on the map. Any tips? Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Log In Sign Up. I left the planet and came back again, and there was suddenly another Gargathon after I checked my map.

JackApostrophe JackApostrophe 5 years ago 4 Selling them doesn't matter. User Info: You have to attempt to open the vault in the main entry area of that map which triggers a cutscene. Theres a hidden one around the corner to the farrrr right in the area past the waterfall that you can only reach with the jetpack and must fight in the air.