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You can see where she kind of moves her head a little bit.

This Hilariously Awkward News Anchor Can't Stop Dancing and His Co-Anchor Hates Every Second of It

As for Taylor Swift, it's just a catchy song. I might have to go through my cache, if you will.

where they at tho 59 news west

When you're at work, yes, there's a time to be serious. The only reason why people even care is because he's a TV news anchor and he's just painfully white" -- if you will — "at doing it. Anything that when you listen to it, it puts a smile on your face or you can't help yourself from moving a little bit. Yeah, it's increasing every day now. West Virginia newscaster Dan Thorn became an unlikely dance sensation this week when videos of him breaking it down to T.

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Sometimes they roll on it, sometimes they don't. Look at how uncomfortable he looks up there but he's doing it anyway. Do you have any favorite dance moves? Do you have tips for someone on incorporating dancing into their jobs, like you have? What songs are the best for dancing, in your opinion? How do you pick the songs?

where they at tho 59 news west

Has the response really been crazy? Have you always been into dancing? This happened to be an instance where they were rolling on it," explains Thorn, who spoke to Billboard.

But at the same time you might also say, well, it's not fair to just pick one individual one, so maybe I come out with something else -- just out of my cache. Look at this funny news anchor dancing around in his tight suit. Anything with a good rhythm, a good beat.

This Local News Reporter Dancing to T.I. Is Everything

How did you learn? I saw this thing on YouTube and somebody posted some music of this, where it's just a loop of him saying that and the beat happens to be a Bobby Shmurda beat. Like I said, people are sending me requests here and there and maybe you got to do what the people want?

Sarah, my co-anchor, didn't dance in the first video and I was thinking, "Oh, if I play Taylor Swift, there's no doubt she's going to dance in this one. I was just like, "Man this is stuck in my head," and I think that's what's happened with the video. I'm not going to commit myself to just one or two different types of music videos I'm going to come out with, if you can forgive me.

A lot of people out there are probably going, "This is great, how he was moving and all that. I'm not 100 percent sure. He just happens to be some guy that you wouldn't expect doing it.

where they at tho 59 news west