Who bombed syrian school in qatar

Is the fight over a gas pipeline fuelling the world’s bloodiest conflict?

Syrian civil war in photos — A bedroom lies in ruins after clashes between government forces and rebels around Ariha on September 7. The second and third [rounds] hit barely a few meters away from the entrance. Syrian civil war in photos — A protester in Homs throws a tear gas bomb back towards security forces, on December 27, 2011.

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who bombed syrian school in qatar

Human Rights Watch spoke via WhatsApp with seven witnesses to the attack, including three staff members at the school, a store-owner who lives nearby, a local media activist, and two civil defense volunteers who arrived at the school to evacuate the wounded. About 3 million people remain in Idlib, over half of whom have fled fighting elsewhere in Syria. US-led airstrikes helped stop Isis capturing key strategic points such as Kobane on the Turkish border, and the Kurdish stronghold of Irbil.

The psychiatric ward, housing around 60 patients, has lacked the means to function properly since fighting broke out there in July. Security Council to take stronger action against al-Assad.

Qatar accuses Syrian government of genocide after failed truce

I hit the truck and fell down on the ground. He was hit by a [metal fragment].

who bombed syrian school in qatar

Syrian civil war in photos — A U. Although there were no claims of responsibility for the most recent attacks, a previously unknown Islamist group calling itself Al-Nusra Front to Protect the Levant has said it carried out previous bombings.

who bombed syrian school in qatar

Syrian civil war in photos — A young boy plays with a toy gun in Binnish on April 9, 2012. He was in Grade 5. Roughly 200 children in the second shift were at the school when the first artillery round exploded at around 12: This has not gone down well with Russia, which uses its power over gas as political leverage and has a history of cutting off supply to countries during conflicts.

who bombed syrian school in qatar

The gas field located 3000 metres below the floor of the Persian Gulf is the largest natural gas field in the world.

But similar to this, nothing. In-fighting among the anti-government factions has also caused civilian casualties. N Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to criticize the United Nation's failure to condemn such attacks -- an omission it said "encouraged terrorists to continue committing crimes against the Syrian people.

Held in a refugee camp in Syria, the two female recruits said they regretted joining the Islamic State and asked for a second chance.

who bombed syrian school in qatar