Who invented the touchless car wash

Touchless went on to be more successful than Patty and Roy had dreamed.

Hanna History

The consolidated expertise of Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems LLC provides a long legacy of industry firsts like credit card acceptance, on-demand conveyors, wrap-around cloth brushes and the express exterior car wash.

A car wash system comprising: In 1959, Hanna tinkered with and tested his wash rack until he had a working model of the first mechanized car washing system.

who invented the touchless car wash

The neighborhood looked different then. Networked car wash products with integrated diagnostics and operational data in one place.


The content of the U. The Aspen Group is an investment group formed in 1989 that has participated in over 200 diverse projects including Warner Bros. The touchless car wash is a huge advancement over having people manually push your car through! Water reclamation and recirculation, soft cloth friction cleaning instead of abrasive brushes , conveyors, rollers, and more began to appear on the scene along with touchless automatic washes.

Touchless Car Wash's Owners On Its History And Why They're Selling

NCS has become an industry leader on a global scale. Today, Hanna Car Wash Systems International has more patents and trademarks than any other conveyorized system manufacturer. Control 32 is preferably a programmable, general purpose computer but may also comprise various conventional electronic components such as relays, microswitches and circuit breakers.

who invented the touchless car wash

That number kept growing. Credit Quality Car Wash Modern Washes The modern car wash is in transition—and there are exciting things on the horizon!

who invented the touchless car wash

An electric eye set including sender 15 and receiver 17 may be used for this purpose. The modern car wash is in transition—and there are exciting things on the horizon! Michigan, our native home, holds the honor of being the very first location to host a car wash. Owner name: Sixth Street in Des Moines, Iowa.