Who is sosa scarface

who is sosa scarface

I don't think Frank Lopez understood Omar's background and such. Jump to: Of course not! Furthermore, Sosa couldn't have taken it for granted that killing Omar would get him the deal he wanted. He is then seen in the final shot, walking down the stairs amid the carnage of the climactic gun battle. For that reason I think Omar was a Chivato.

Alejandro Sosa

Sosa left Bolivia at the age of 12 and attended school in London, England where he gained fluent knowledge of English. Shiz Z. IMDb Everywhere.

who is sosa scarface

Dusktildon Dusktildon 11 1. Frank was just surprised and disgusted that Tony tried to make the deal himself and suddenly was so enamoured with Sosa who he already didn't care for. Chreesus Jist Chreesus Jist 21 1. Sosa done his homework on Tony, Omar and Frank, the phone call was just a diversary tactic to play Tony and strike up a bigger deal long term.

who is sosa scarface

Don't fuck me, Tony. Photos 6 Quotes 6.

Paul Shenar: Alejandro Sosa

Who the fuck you think I am? If the call was to eavesdrop or for Sosa to give the order to kill Omar the associate wouldn't have been speaking as much. If you re-watch the movie, remember when Omar meets Tony for the first time?

who is sosa scarface

If Omar really was an informant, would Frank really have known about it? My conclusion is that there's no way that Omar was an informant. Additionally, as has been stated by another poster Sosa realising that Tony was more favourable to a deal would have excused himself rather than the other way around.

Scarface - Tony and Sosa

If the player stays still, the Skull will kill Tony which reminiscenes the ending of the movie, however the player must kill him in order to proceed into the game's storyline. And you can't trust Mel Bernstein to check Omar's background because he was a corrupt cop. The Skull makes a brief appearance in the quasi sequel game Scarface: