Who just died on greys anatomy

Once when Meredith nearly drowned, and again when Izzie was was being treated for Stage 4 cancer.

Grey's Anatomy's Saddest Character Deaths

Riverdale 3. As her heart fails, she speaks to Meredith in some alternate universe afterlife and tells her "you shouldn't be here" and "you're anything but ordinary," causing Mer to wake up.

who just died on greys anatomy

Next Gallery All the stars celebrated the Academy Awards in style. RIP Hottie Husband. Lexie Grey A version of this article was originally published in February 2014.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans devastated after shock death in winter premiere

Lexie Grey. Would you like to view this in our Asia edition? Would you like to view this in our Canadian edition? Young Hollywood.

RIP basically everyone

Into The Blue 3. More Photo Galleries.

who just died on greys anatomy

Shop Related Deals. And just because their hearts were finally happy and trouble-free, Henry had to go and have problems with his actual crucial organ.

who just died on greys anatomy

Hernia repair Season 6, Episode 19: Previous Next Start Slideshow. Unable to stand by and watch him die, his doctor Teddy Altman proposed they get married so that he could have access to her insurance and get the much-needed, life-saving surgery. Click Here.

12 Characters Killed Off Grey’s Anatomy We’re Still Mourning

Add To My BingeList. Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome Season 8, Episode 9: By Jefferson Grubbs. Left at home with a distracted Tucker, baby Tuck tried to climb up a bookshelf, only for the heavy furniture to topple over and crush him. We're still mourning the loss of these major characters, in particular.

Meredith saw both Denny and Dylan when she almost died of hypothermia back in Season 3—and, more infamously, Denny returned to Izzie Stevens as a ghost that was also capable of having sex.