Who number is 112

India’s single emergency number ‘112’ to be active from Jan 1

In India, different emergency communication and response systems are in place — police 100 , fire brigade 101 , ambulance 102 and Emergency Disaster Management 108.

Ahmedabad, a city with a population of over 70 lakh, is gradually seeing some order. It is possible to call 112 by accident, but you can avoid this by following these tips.

who number is 112

The emergency service calls will also be supported through a call centre like facility, which will have representatives speaking in Hindi, English and the local language. Is it just about a few glitzy effects? Also, it had suggested the inclusion of a host of services which in the initial phase will include calls meant for police, fire, ambulance, helpline for women, senior citizens and children.

English Nederlands Papiamento Papiamentu. Telecom regulator Trai had suggested the adoption of 112 as the national emergency number in its recommendations submitted to the telecom department in April last year.


A regrettably large proportion of the calls made to 112 are misdials, prank calls or other forms of abuse or misuse. Trending Videos Reducing human—wildlife conflict through artwork 02: Data is the new pollution Internet evangelist and Skype co-founder Jonas Kjellberg believes retail will go 100 per cent online, while...

What happens if I accidentally call 112?

All existing emergency numbers will be phased out within a year of rolling out 112, depending upon the awareness about this new facility. The panic button will enable users to make emergency call or send alerts to multiple numbers just by pressing a button.

who number is 112

Characters Remaining: If you have any questions about this, send an email containing your name and telephone number to teleservice klpd. The police will track down anyone who calls 112 for reasons other than those for which it was intended.

Abuse or misuse is registered and may lead to criminal prosecution.

Internet evangelist and Skype co-founder Jonas Kjellberg believes retail will go 100 per cent online, while... Top Searches: To make the service successful and highly efficient, calls to the emergency number will be prioritized in mobile networks while SMS-based access will also be permitted.

who number is 112

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