Whole30 food list potatoes

Paleo is awesome, as are mashed potatoes. While initially, the Whole30 program only allowed sweet potatoes and not white potatoes, the verdict was overruled back in 2014 — white potatoes are now A-OK! Screw McDonalds, you can create delicious Whole30 friendly french fries right in your kitchen!

whole30 food list potatoes

Want some ideas on how to include potatoes in your meals? Eventually, we arrived at a consensus. This comfort food classic is made with ghee, garlic, and coconut milk.

Can You Eat Potatoes on Whole30?

Share your favorites in the comments! Session expired Please log in again. These potatoes serve as the perfect side dish to a main meal. Pin 1048.

whole30 food list potatoes

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15 Delicious, Healthy, & Easy To Cook Whole30 Potato Recipes

Whole30 Chipotle: This S mashed Potatoes recipe comes from the Laughing Spatula. Related Posts. Where To Find Them. Make sure to substitute the butter for ghee or leave out the butter. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

whole30 food list potatoes

Where To Find Them. Start your Diet off Right! Try these crispy wedges alongside a compliant steak, or even with your morning eggs.