Build 11082 whats new in ios 9

Direct link: Messages More. Emoji entry and dictation required United States English keyboard layout in earlier versions. Now anymore. Want to change your Settings? The aim of this page is to document comparisons between major Windows 10 releases so users will glimpse what's new, changed and removed for each release or a series of releases.

From Version 1703 onwards, one can defer feature updates for a year and quality updates for up to 30 days. A few publishers are adopting Apple News Format to create really cool articles in the News app with big images, animations, and videos. Just search! Even better, placing two fingers on the keyboard turns it into a virtual trackpad for moving the cursor and selecting text.

While watching video or using FaceTime on most iPads, press the Home button to shrink that video into its own small window, so you can keep watching as you do other things.

What's new in iOS 9 (pictures)

For more, read iOS 9 Accessibility. Get excited about the little things. Trending Stories. No longer will you have to worry about deleting apps just to install an iOS update. Siri suggestions in Spotlight.

25 new iOS 9 features that are rocking our world

Read Commanding Keyboards in iOS 9. Third-party developers can integrate apps with Spotlight, so you can look for content within apps. Toggle navigation. Check out these related slideshows. You can also now disable Shake to Undo.