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I am not sure why Garcia is still ranked as his career appears to be over in 1943, when he made his last NT appearances then, he only made a few appearances for Racing in 43 and 44 and none in 45 or 46. Garcia and Zapirain seem like excellent picks for the top two spots.

As you well said, my intention is to have a starting point to discuss some unknown players, prime years, etc. Jan 5 1946 Uru 4 - 3 Brz http: Forward - Left Winger Foot: Place of Birth: We have three seasons 40, 41, and 42 from the major domestic leagues and two South American Championships 41 and 42 as the major competitions to look at for this time period.

Information and facts. Tom Stevens repped this. He seems like a more impactfull club player though, as his presence alone tips the balance of power from team to team, with coaches guaranteeing titles if they can acquire him. Not sure how big a part he played in those two titles but it was enough to get him his senior international debut in CA 46.

Best South American players - Pre war era

JamesBH11 repped this. Jun 30, 2017. Left Winger. Ademir was good CA 45 with runners up Brazil, but did not feature in 46. Left Winger Contract until: Aug 16, 2011. After that it gets tough. May 21, 2014. Varela was obviously great for Boca leading them to two impressive titles in 43 and 44, however he was no longer in the national team.

Martino was excellent at the club level for two years with San Lorenzo and then a very successful foray into Italy, winning the title with Juventus over peaking gre-no-li Milan who set a record for goals scored in a season.

Left Wing: Loustau and Ademir are the two clear front runners. Shoya Nakajima. Not sure how to order them but i would love to hear more about those players. Even when it will be too adventurous.

The 10 most improved players in Europe's big leagues this season

The last two games were played in 1940. Gregoriak , ManiacButcher and Lucas... Share This Page Tweet.