Craigslist how to post items

Make sure the location named at the top is where you want to post. Remember, however, that you also need to make sure you are honest and not putting yourself at risk.

craigslist how to post items

Craigslist is an internationally popular website used for posting jobs, items for sale, real estate, services and personal ads. Check your spam folder and search for the emails if your inbox has a search feature as it may have been buried by other emails. Craigslist is designed for local, in-person dealings only.

How to Safely Post Something on Craigslist for Sale

Once you have made any final edits and like the appearance of your Craigslist sale post, choose the Publish button. Discuss qualifications needed, as well as what applicants can expect if they get hired. Many pictures are worth more. This is very useful for more expensive items.

How to Post an Ad on Craigslist

Add a price. This site gave me everything I needed to know in a simple, concise way, even giving examples of each step, with explanations, etc.

craigslist how to post items

Craigslist ads are generally free. Not Helpful 11 Helpful 72. If neither work, contact Craigslist through email, phone or live chat to resolve the issue.

I Need to Post an Item to Sell on Craigslist

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. When you click on that, you'll be asked to narrow down your location. Do not enter your address! The wording should attract potential buyers without misrepresenting the product.

How to Sell Items on Craigslist

If you do include a telephone number, be sure to include the times when you will accept calls. Warnings Keep this in mind as you're creating your ad: Not Helpful 8 Helpful 86.

craigslist how to post items

Include the basics of the property, including number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as square footage. However, if the city displayed at the top is not the correct city for your posting, you can navigate to the correct city using the column on the right of the page. Carefully write the text portion of the ad. Many Craigslist sales go on every day without a problem, but it never hurts to have some insurance sitting at the next table.

Learn more... Craigslist is a great way to sell unwanted items.

craigslist how to post items

DK Deb Karns Jun 21, 2017. Also make sure that you outline when new tenants can move in, as well as rental costs.

craigslist how to post items