Doctor who sutekh mask

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doctor who sutekh mask

The Sands of Time. But before Woolf comes along, the story is still able to convince us that Sutekh is a great threat. Although at times it resembles a donkey, an aardvark, or a jackal, it was clearly intended to be a fantastical creature unique to the god Seth.

Scarman has been possessed by Sutekh, last survivor of the god-like Osirans, who is held prisoner inside a pyramid in Egypt by a signal transmitted from one on Mars.

doctor who sutekh mask

The Ship of a Billion Years He was also able to stop and reverse the materialisation of Mortega 's timeship. In episode four a technician's hands hold down the cushions on Sutekh's throne as he stands up.

Sutekh then brought Finton to Pennerton and released them both from his control; Finton died shortly thereafter. With Sutekh dead from old age, the space-time tunnel explodes as the thermal balance equalises.

The Sword of Rhiannon. The story also has very high production values, including some fine incidental music by Dudley Simpson, and uniformly excellent performances from the small guest cast.

Ancient Egypt and Doctor Who’s ‘Pyramids of Mars’

Cancel Save. This contradiction, too, is pure Doctor Who. It is not hard to see why this near-flawless story is so well remembered.

doctor who sutekh mask

And the darkly funny shock when Sarah tosses a box of unstable explosives to the Doctor, clearly never having seen that one episode of Lost. TV Filed to: There is a fascinating discussion between the Doctor and Laurence about being able to 'choose the future', and a seeming explanation of the Doctor's motivation: The Judgment of Sutekh.

doctor who sutekh mask

Roots Egyptian mythology. Funko 1: The Tenth Doctor and Faction Paradox.

doctor who sutekh mask

Gabriel Woolf plays Sutekh in the Pyramids of Mars. The Location of Gallifrey.

Doctor Who review: Pyramids of Mars (and why it’s one of the greatest stories)

This is really a new thing for the series up to this point—the First and Second Doctors often triumphed by making their enemies underestimate them, and while the Third was arrogant, he picked his squabbles with bureaucrats and the Brigadier. He went across the Earth devouring in his wake but left his worshippers till last. Torchwood review: