Hammond 155 howitzer philippine army

But was disqualified after failing the post-bid qualifications.

Other Defense Websites - MaxDefense. ILS means that the manufacturer will be providing support, spare parts, repairs, training, and other services to sustain the equipment for a certain time, normally 2 years. Anonymous April 24, 2015 at 9: Total Pageviews. We already know the PAF and PN gets most of the budget in Phase 1 and it would still most likely be true up to phase 3.

Yung ibang bansa nga gusto ng ibenta mga Soltam M-71 nila para magupgrade into the more modern Soltam Athos. Who say American won't allow it?

Are there any plans of procuring such systems? It remains to be seen if these new assets will be used to dislodge the dreaded Maute group from their battered redoubts within the city. Here is the report about the 155 mm howitzer acquisition of both the Philippine Army, and Philippine Marines, click the link for the report.

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The specified test and acceptance procedures indicated in the project's technical specifications "are not adaptable with the National Military Standard Testing Procedure being used by their principal , BNT-TMiH". But they are more hi tech, they navy have stealth navy ship with missile. MaxDefense hopes that many other suppliers that did not participate in the previous bid attempts, like Hyundai WIA and it's KH-179 towed howitzer, will participate this time.

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The Philippine Military Has A Dozen New 155mm Howitzers

Bongbong Marcos still wants to maintain a friendly relationship with China despite China's aggressive behavior by building islands inside our territory. Though only built in limited numbers the Soltam has been tweaked and improved for decades. Missile boats rather than OPVs and Corvettes? If test is OK, buy it and if not, don't.

From what I was told, it is because the AFP is worried about the reliability of the carrier vehicle and thus with the availability of the artillery itself. Hopefully they don't use this rule and expect getting a scorpion plane as no one buy them yet.

Its actually a lost bidder against Hyundai Rooten. The contract remains the same as the previous tender attempt, which includes the supply and delivery of 12 brand new 155mm towed howitzer systems, 240 rounds of high explosive HE cartridge, and an integrated logistics support ILS package for the entire system.

Kailan ba tayo kukuha ng 52 cal? The primary operators of howitzers in the country are the Philippine Army only, that is the reason why we could not really tell that the Philippine Marines did operate any howitzers, however the Philippine marines uses mortars for artillery support, but all of that are about to change, because of the new 155 mm Soltam howitzers acquisition of the Philippine Marines.