How does freeze thaw action worksheet

Physical weathering

An example of this is when growing plant roots widen cracks as does the leverage created by bushes and trees swaying in strong winds. It typically occurs on most slopes over 5 degrees.

how does freeze thaw action worksheet

The process is illustrated in the diagram below. These are a combination of weathering and mass movement.

how does freeze thaw action worksheet

Water commonly acts as a lubricant in mass movement. Creep occurs as the result of repeated expansion and contraction of material.

how does freeze thaw action worksheet

Alternating hydration and dehydration have the same effect. One of the most common types of mass movement along the coast are rotational slumps. However, dry flows of granular material are also possible.

Slumps happen because of a number of factors.

Sub-Aerial Processes

A mudflow is an earthflow consisting of material that is wet enough to flow rapidly and that contains at least 50 percent sand, silt, and clay-sized particles. Mechanical physical weathering Mechanical or physical weathering is the fracture and breakdown of rocks into fragments.

Firstly, marine processes erode and undermine the base of the cliff. View the coasts menu. Drainage Basin Hydrological System.


Freeze-thaw weathering. This results in cracks which are vulnerable to both freeze-thaw and salt crystallisation. Rockfalls are usually associated with nearly vertical slopes. The slope material liquefies and runs out, forming a bowl or depression at the head.

Physical Weathering

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how does freeze thaw action worksheet

Landforms of Erosion. Earth flows tend to be faster than slow creep but less sporadic.