How hot will a cpu get

My cpu never goes over 32 Celsius and I'm overclocked to 4. As a side note, do keep in mind that Laptop CPUs generally run hotter compared to desktops because there is not as much free space for cooling. Mar 26, 2013 1,450 0 11,660 135.

How to Check if Your CPU Temperature is Too High

Hope this helps. The only time things can go wrong is if you have an overclock-able processor Intel processors that end in K and you decide to manually adjust the voltage and frequency in the BIOS.

how hot will a cpu get

Click on Options and then Overheat Protection. This is basically the system that instructs the hardware to load the operating system, just after the computer powers up. D good luck and happy gaming! Read our privacy policy.

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Interesting to say here. I guess like so many things, this is relative.

how hot will a cpu get

After you OC, you should always test it even if you didn't touch the voltage. Point one: Nothing on my computer is running, exept for chrome, and my CPU is at 80 celcius plz help. Once you have those temperatures, then you can seek out whether or not they are normal.

how hot will a cpu get

You may safely operate any consumer grade computer consistently in temperatures of over a hundred degrees. After not touching anything again.

how hot will a cpu get

Well i think alot of those stats were based on just normal pcs i use a cyberpower with 2 dual cores amd and it runs very hot for games im avg 75 c to 85 c easy but i think some of the tips were right too.

Taking it off can disrupt this cycle. Press F1 for setup or F2 for default settings setup or something. Sun Apr 14, 2002 5: