How model rocks for model railroad

Making Rocks from Ceiling Tiles

Posted by trainnut1250 on Saturday, June 24, 2017 11: I start with a white latex as a base and it usually just takes a few drops to tint it. So, below is a shot of the former "cliffs" of Provo, Ut. It came out ok for me given the first try. Painting these formations will really start to make your layout look like something recognizable.

Painting Rocks

Posted by fender777 on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 6: Start with a base coat. In any case, I urge you to go light initially.

Posted by Andy110675 on Monday, December 11, 2017 1: Then lightly tap the bottom of the mold on a hard surface, which helps any bubbles in the mixture to rise to the top away from the rock surface.

I will post pic later but what are some of your favorite ways. Since we are in Colorado it makes the rocks look like what we see every day. Have fun,. Limit the pours to one quarter inch or so rather than thicker ones which may develop shrink cracks. You're on a roll now!

how model rocks for model railroad

Acrylic gloss varnish is also great for representing rapids and waves because it holds its shape without settling flat after it is brushed on. You have provided a lot of good ideas for me to try. Thanks for the comments,I am unsure as to what colour to do them but they do resemble the teracotta rock faces found in the states but i think one colour all over is abit bland what do you think.

Painting Rocks and Scenery Foundation

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how model rocks for model railroad

Well i have made a start on my rocks and so far so good but its taking me hours to complete a short distance but i am enjoying it. I would not use a file because files and steel brushes leave too many parallel grooves, rendering an unrealistic look.

Carving rocks from foam

Here are some pictures:. I usually do three or four molds at a time and leave them for a day before commencing.

how model rocks for model railroad

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