How social media can make history summary

♡How Social Media Can Make History♡

Seeing more sides of an issue will make it easier and better for us to form our own opinions on it. The way the world responds to national events is right on the mark. I understand where you are coming from.

how social media can make history summary

The Internet is the first medium in history that has native support for groups and conversation at the same time. Though this was news being spread, it was not as up-to-the-minute as news is today.

And this stuff rippled like wildfire.

how social media can make history summary

Details About the talk. Throughout more recent years,Chinahas put bans on sites such as twitter and FaceBook because of this.

how social media can make history summary

Relatively sparse number of producers. One such example that Shirky mentioned was the earthquake in China.

how social media can make history summary

Media that has been good at creating groups radio or TV is not good at creating conversations. And there was an incredible picture. Twitter announced the existence of the quake several minutes before the US Geological Survey had anything up online for anybody to read. And it was produced at such an incredible abundance that there was no way to filter it as it appeared.

How social media can make history

Being taught to question the message, and the motives behind it, to check multiple reliable sources, and to use your own common sense are all important parts of media literacy, and embracing this new media to make the best of this technology.

By the summer, in the middle of the general campaign, He said, "I've thought about the issue more. National message. Shirky says how most information comes from the outside world, slowly in chunks. In his writings and speeches he has argued that "a group is its own worst enemy. And the media that's good at creating groups is no good at creating conversations. I found that Shirky made several good points about the progression of media.


He states how one of the biggest changes is the internet becoming the motive carriage for all other media. Today I will share another reflection about social media.

how social media can make history summary

How Social Media Can Make History I thought this was an interesting clip, and traces how the media landscape today consumes us and our time, and how social movement can Find an idea, thought, or part of this that you liked, disliked, etc. And it's not just Internet or no Internet.