How to do double roundhouse kick tutorial

Double Roundhouse Kick – Martial Arts

At this point, the muscle in the leg is bunched up and the lower leg is "chambered", ready to deliver a quick, crushing kick. Torso and Arms: Thanks for letting us know.

how to do double roundhouse kick tutorial

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how to do double roundhouse kick tutorial

You should make contact with the target before your leg is fully extended. KK Kekeli Kudoto Dec 6, 2016.

Double Roundhouse Kick

Pivot with your foot on the ground to turn your body so that your bent kicking leg comes in line with your target. As directed above, follow your kick up with another kick or return to your starting position, pivoting your standing foot back around as you do so. Bring the bent leg up so that the knee is pointing out to the side. Always keep a small angle to prevent permanent problems.

how to do double roundhouse kick tutorial

In a single smooth but sudden motion, extend your leg as quickly as you can, making contact with the outer bottom edge of your foot. Most of the stability and power for the kick will come from this solid pillar of support. You then pivot on the balls of the non-kicking foot and turn the hip over slightly so that your body is turned sideways toward the target.

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A full side kick requires about 180 o of rotation — your foot will start facing toward your target and end facing away from it as you kick connects. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. Quickly snap your leg forward. You'll probably need to lean your upper body in the opposite direction for balance.

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If you're practicing roundhouse kicks by yourself, you can take as long as you want to carefully execute your moves. Even if you're not practicing with a partner, get in the habit of keeping your hands up before and after you make your kick.