How to find even numbers in java

That's what my teacher wants.

Java program to find odd or even

Jacob Sousie. If the remainder when you divide by 2 is 0, it's even. If that is an even number then exactly half of them will be even. Welcome to the Ranch, Naveen Narsagalla!

how to find even numbers in java

Here's my problem: Refer this resource for more examples to find the given number is even or odd. I've been at it for about an hour, and have been reading my book and looking online, but I can't find anything that is close to what I'm trying to do. Go back over this thread and read what I posted about this. Hot Network Questions. You can use the modulus operator, but that can be slow. By formula I mean the difference between summating numbers between 1 and 10 like this: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

In your example, 15 and 30 are the two numbers that bound the range that you're going to work with. Shiva Shiva 189 5.

How to find the Odd and Even numbers in an Array in java?

Congratulations on finding out how to make it work. This makes it necessary to work out the size of the array before you start filling it with even numbers.

how to find even numbers in java

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how to find even numbers in java