How to get hands higher in backswing

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This exercise helps you maintain your body angles in the golf swing and prevents Flat Shoulder Plane and Loss of Posture. Kelepi Finau 801 318-6360 kelepi tonyfinaufoundation. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Why high hands at the top?

how to get hands higher in backswing

Credit Source When you can smooth a tee shot out there 340 yards, pars take on a different kind of disappointment. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground. Assume a squatting stance, with your back against a wall and your feet shoulder width apart and directly under your knees. Kaleb Ofahengaue 801 427-3505 ko tonyfinaufoundation. Free Videos Premium Videos.

Tony Finau’s big time powerful backswing extension

Take as an illustration a system of two bodies, the earth and a ball. Originally Posted by natep. Maybe, but do you sacrifice control for distance?

how to get hands higher in backswing

This exercise is great for shoulder stability due to the weight being in the overhead position. Maintaining Certification. Greater flexibility here makes it easier to get your arms and hands up in the air.

This is exactly what you do if you want to hit it shorter, not longer. Select Your Language. Get your hands as high as possible above your head while turning your shoulders to the max. Swing Characteristics. In other words, get unconnected. That doesn't mean hands are low.

how to get hands higher in backswing

Matt Kuchar is your prime example. Results 1 to 10 of 75.

Sean Foley has said that "deeper" hands flatter is more powerful. Lift the ball and the ball gains potential energy. It has been my experience that more clubhead speed is attainable with higher hands.

how to get hands higher in backswing

The rate of acceleration is exactly the same as the first case air resistance ignored but because the duration of the acceleration is greater, the velocity is also greater just before the ball strikes the ground. This kind of power is a dream for most weekend golfers. If you can touch the wall with your hands, you can go for the high backswing.

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