How to preserve curly hair while sleeping

While you sleep, your body, mind, and just about every other part of you regenerates. I brushed it. You'll sleep like a baby knowing that your curls aren't being smashed to a dull and lifeless pulp.

how to preserve curly hair while sleeping

That way, your hair holds its curl... Make sure the sleeves are facing you. They may take effort and patience to master, but the non-puffy root result they create is heavenly.

how to preserve curly hair while sleeping

Lisa, et al. Hi Anjana, Thank you so much for your tips and tricks! But when the end result reveals a head full of beautifully preserved coils, any effort and discomfort will be well worth it.

4 ways to sleep with curly hair

Fresh out of the shower, your curls are living their best lives. Here's How!

how to preserve curly hair while sleeping

Finding hassle-free ways to sleep on your natural hair is critical to making the best curly 'dos last for days. Your morning routine is also a solid opportunity to put vivacity back in day 2 curls. Add to Cart. The result: Your eyes land on the girl standing next. You've fed them the best deep conditioners, removed all knots and tangles, and scrunched. For that reason, we recommend choosing a satin or silk pillowcase for your sleeping hours. Gift Cards.

Try multi-pineapples instead, a modified method in which you gather curls in three to five smaller sections.

9 Ways To Sleep With Natural Hair Without Totally Ruining Your Curls

After years of weekly blowouts, my hair was looking limp thanks. Curling Wands. It may be soft against your face…...

how to preserve curly hair while sleeping

Can you please suggest an alternative? So when you wake up, you simply loosen the ponytail, shake it out...

how to preserve curly hair while sleeping

You can even keep the knots in for a while for a multi-top knot kind of 'do. Hey Anjana.