How to study during exams days

Confirm study date with a friend for this evening.

Study for an Exam in 2 to 4 Days

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10 tips to study effectively before exams if you have a lot of syllabus left

It's better to get a good night's sleep after studying for a short time than to push on at two in the morning. Did this article help you? January 12, 2019 12: Anything that's labeled Introduction , Conclusion , or Summary is what you want to focus on here, since these sections will synthesize information for you, making it easier to remember.

how to study during exams days

As much as 80 per cent of the questions asked in an exam are likely to come from the core material. Relax—you are not the only one who has a fear of tests.

How to Study for an Exam in One Day

Yes, I have been caught cheating by my friend, but she did not tell anyone! It can also help to say the answers to your questions out loud, as if you were trying to explain it to someone else.

Or they may just place emphasis on certain words and issues. Don't cram. How to pass a m atching exam: This is easier said than done, but learning how to take good notes will help you immensely once it comes time to study. Foods heavy in fat can make you lethargic and prevent you from having a great exam!

how to study during exams days

Struggling and concentrating on a question you don't know the answer to can be time consuming, which makes you lose valuable marks.

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15 Tips on How to Pass Any Exam in a Week [2019 Updated]

In the end, you will have one variant—the correct one—left. Previous Article. Organize yourself for the test.

how to study during exams days

Cramming for the sake of passing a test in the short-term makes sense. When I feel lazy, I look at wikiHow. Find these summaries and study them—hard.

Learn to study smart , and not hard.