Ironman vs magneto who wins big

For the record, carbon nanotubes may be less magnetic than metal but it has been proven that if ferrous materials are directed toward carbon nanotube materials they CAN be magnetized. Luckily, Tony has plenty of spare parts and money, the latter of which he uses to buy a building under construction and collapse the whole thing on top of Hulk.

Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. This makes Magneto more than a match for Storm, Iron-Man, or just about any other hero or villain you can imagine. Text-only Version: Magneto might "get" a lot of things intuitively being the master of magnetism and all , but Stark has the benefit of research experience and I doubt Magneto sits around researching physics literature like the way Stark or his computers, assistants, etc does.

He'll stand there and yawn. Iron Man 228 sees Tony getting very busy against the forces of good. Before he took down The Captain for the first time, he took the fight to the Mandroids, who were being commanded by Nick Fury. Just about everyone mixes it up in the splash page showdown, with each side suffering a few defeats.

I don't think a force field would work either. Gallifreyan 15. Originally posted by rader It seems like Magneto is being under judged by a couple people here. The same thing he does when banshee screams at him or atomic weapons explode on the shields releasing the shockwaves onto it.

ironman vs magneto who wins big

It would be his only chance. Louis arch to use as a projectile. Long before 2016, superheroes have been duking it out against one another in the pages of Marvel and DC Comics.

ironman vs magneto who wins big

Does he still have it? I dunno about Tony's. Originally posted by 753 Very much so correct. A fresh take on sports: Correct me if I'm wrong I really should bone up on my Iron Man , but isn't his armor magnetic-proof?

Doctor Strange Invincible Iron Man 3, 2015.

ironman vs magneto who wins big

Seriously, people must think all Iron Man can do is shoot repulsors.