Love who you love tumblr art

Comic artist. Best Practices.

Should I Be On Tumblr? Really unique light painting. The Best Practices for Artists link leads to a page asking for a password. Currently i believe the main users of Tumblr are 30 and under — lots more in the mid teens onwards..

love who you love tumblr art

There are thousands of Tumblogs that feature the work of artists from all around the globe, but especially from New York City. Standing at a Distance.

Traditional fine art and photography. There are some interesting companies making a go of it, like BlkDot, which uses Stripe to create a Tumblr-based shopping cart. That page has a great guide on how to create your Tumblog, pick a quality theme, and points you to some of great artists on Tumblr.

love who you love tumblr art

Comments i have MANY tumblr blogs which post my art and all sorts. That said, here is a run-down of some of the best ways to effectively promote yourself on Tumblr.

Stories are the key to success on Tumblr — and everywhere else. A great deal of Tumblr is teenagers and college kids seeking ways to express themselves and find their identity. Very interesting post, btw! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

How to Sell Art with Tumblr

Effective marketing means you tell a good story, and you also ask people to do something specific. There are over 100 Million blogs on Tumblr.

love who you love tumblr art

Thanks for the research and lists. Tactical Shoyu. This is the kind of impermanent art I was mentioning. Watch for Submission Calls.

love who you love tumblr art

Now you all know that sugar is my weakness. Good stuff here! This one which i started earlier this year i named it iJustMade: People CARE about the history of you and your art.

love who you love tumblr art

All the best, Greg. Shares hilarious and insightful stuff.